The Central Texas Science and Engineering Fair (CTSEF), in association with Science Service, is a non-profit organization established under IRS guidelines. Its purpose is to promote interest and expertise in science and engineering among school students in an 13-county region. The CTSEF encourages and inspires students to explore and investigate their world through hands-on research. After conducting research, students present their findings in three-dimensional exhibits that are evaluated by scientists and educators. Students acquire useful scientific knowledge as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help them now and in the future. At the competitions, students have the opportunity to meet students from other schools, exchange ideas, and demonstrate the results of their research. Winners qualify to advance to state and international competitions. The CTSEF is held each spring on the Baylor University Campus in Waco, TX.

CTSEF is governed by a board of unpaid trustees who work in close cooperation with administrative representatives of Baylor University. Businesses, oundations, organizations, societies, and individuals help support the fair through community donations.